New Site For Linking Your Reviews

I stole this idea from Carl :p Robin and I wanted to have a centralized place where we can link all of our reviews from this challenge. I set up a blog through blogger for this purpose called Dewey’s Books Challenge Reviews. Please link all of your reviews to that site through the Mr. Linky. Make sure you do because there may be prize drawings based on those reviews!! Thanks again to everyone for joining. I’m beyond thrilled at the turn out so far and I know Robin is too. Don’t forget to sign up to host a mini-challenge if you would like to! And keep your eyes open on this blog because there may be a chocolate monkey up for grabs soon!



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2 responses to “New Site For Linking Your Reviews

  1. A chocolate monkey… that is so random it made me laugh…

  2. Hi!
    UMMMM, a chocolate money. Wonder what that’s all about?? I have the new site for reviews linked in my Blog List. Thanks for posting that link. I can’t wait to get started on this reading challenge. Have a great Sunday.


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