Chocolate Monkey Giveaway!

monkeyIt’s time for the first giveaway of the Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge. Well it’s not really time yet, but I’m announcing it now :p The first prize given will be a Chocolate Monkey! Dewey used to like to give these away and I managed to track them down on the internet. So on January 1st I’ll pick a winner through to win the monkey! What do you have to do to enter? If you’re already signed up, nothing! You’re already entered. If you know someone who hasn’t signed up yet, tell them to sign up by January 1st so that they can win a monkey! 

I’ve worked out how I’m going to do the other giveaways I think. These aren’t the mini-challenge giveaways…for those you actually have to participate in whatever the challenge is in order to be entered. For general giveaways (I don’t know how frequent these will be yet) you’ll get one entry for every book review that you’ve posted on the book review blog. So make sure to post your reviews over on the review blog through the Mr. Linky so that you can be entered for prizes. 

One last thing, there’s still room for mini-challenge hosts! I’m super happy with the response so far. I think we have like 8 mini-challenges already, but we can fit 50 (or more, that’s just an arbitrary number) so please let me know if you’d like to host one sometime during the challenge.



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3 responses to “Chocolate Monkey Giveaway!

  1. I just love the fact that you’re keeping the chocolate monkeys tradition alive.

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