Mini Challenge #1

Not even I have the privilege of knowing what exactly Carl has in store for us, but rest assured it will be excellent as everything Carl commits himself to is! What he has let me know is that the mini-challenge will be tied into his “Sci-Fi Experience II” and will be called “The Out of This World Mini-Challenge”. It will be held on January 17th so mark your calendar for that day! Keep your eye on Stainless Steel Droppings for news on the Sci-Fi Experience II and when the details are ready, I’ll put the post up for the mini-challenge and everyone can sign up…don’t sign up in this post. This one’s really for info only, but I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s time to sign up.

The Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge is starting to look like it will be a LOT of fun and very community based as Dewey would have it. Dewey would be proud of all of the participation in this one I think and in all of the wonderful mini-challenges that we have planned for you throughout the year. There will certainly be lots of prizes and fun activities in 2009 connected to this challenge!

I know you’re all sick of hearing it already, but…:p There are still plenty of spots open for mini-challenges if you want to host one! I have 6 months wide open in fact. If you’re a summer or Winter reader, please consider hosting one! Just email me at chrisa511(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment and I’ll email you.

OK, I’ll leave everyone alone….for now!


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