Welcome To The Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge!

Here we are at day 1 of The Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge. Well, the “official” first day at least. Keep in mind that anything you’ve read so far for the challenge, you can definitely count. It’s a bit of a  bittersweet thing starting this challenge. Here we are beginning a new year and sadly Dewey won’t be giving us any posts. But she will be with all of us in spirit and I’m so glad that we can continue to experience what she has left for us all. All of you wonderful bloggers have kept the wonderful sense of community that she contributed so much to alive.

I’m absolutely thrilled at the participation level of this challenge! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that we would have such a big turnout. But I should’ve known better. It goes to show how big of an impact Dewey had on this community. We have lots of great things in store for this year! This will most certainly be an exciting challenge. I have nearly every month booked for a mini-challenge! So there will be lots of fun activities popping up throughout the year. Make sure to bookmark the site. The first mini-challenges will be hosted by Carl of Stainless Steel Droppings and my wonderful co-host for this challenge, Robin. They should be announced in the coming days. We’ll also have lots of random prize giveaways throughout the challenge, so keep your eyes open! Tomorrow I’ll be announcing the winner of the first prize, a chocolate monkey :p If you’ve signed up for the challenge, you’re entered. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do! You can join in the fun at any time. 

Also, don’t forget to post all of your reviews to the Mr. Linky on the Challenge Reviews Blog! This is actually very important as I’ll pick winners for many of the prizes based on that. For each review that you post, you’ll get an entry into random giveaways. There have been a few great reviews posted already. Check them out! 

There seems to be an issue with Dewey’s site right now that you may have noticed. It’s not coming up. This could throw a little bit of a wrench in the challenge, but if anyone needs recommendations of books to read, you can click on the links in the blogroll and see what other people are reading. I’m not sure if the site is down for good, or if it’s a server issue. It’s sad to think of her site being taken down, but at the same time, I can imagine the grief that her family has gone through and understand if it’s time to close loose ends. 

Once again, thank you all for your amazing contributions to this challenge so far. Whether you’re hosting a mini-challenge, reading along with each other, or just being a casual observer, it means the world and it’s wonderful to see this community continue to thrive. I think Dewey would be very happy and may even blush a little 😉 Happy Reading Everyone!



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16 responses to “Welcome To The Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge!

  1. I remember Dewey saying that her blog was hosted from a home-based server, so whenever their power was down the blog would be down too. So it could be that.

    Thanks again for doing this. I really look forward to Carl and Robin’s mini-challenges.

  2. Right, the official start. I have already read three books, so I guess I am going to have to aim for eight. ha ha! I have to keep reminding myself I am hosting mini-challenges. June and December are rather far away and I am terrified I am going to forget!

  3. Are there any spots left for hosting a mini-challenge? I’m up for it, if there’s an empty month.

    And, yes, I hope that a downed server is the problem … I haven’t selected my books yet!

  4. This sounds like a very interesting challenge but I couldn’t get your list to load properly.

    I run a challenge called National Just Read More Novels Month where the goal is to read at least one novel if not more within the month of January. It sure would make a nice companion challenge to yours.

  5. YAY! It’s officially started 🙂

    You’ve done a wonderful job of putting this challenge together and I know it’s going to be a smashing success!

  6. Nymeth, I hope that that’s it…I do remember her saying that now and with all of the snow storms lately throughout the nation, that very well could be it. I can’t wait for the mini-challenges either!

    Kailana, I swear! You’re the queen of finishing challenges before they even start :p You always seem to do that with Carl’s too. Don’t worry, I won’t let you forget about your mini-challenges, lol.

    Dawn, There certainly are! That’s awesome that you want to host one…I’ll shoot you an email! I hope that the server is just down too 😦 Let me know if you need some help compiling a list of books…maybe I can put a list together or something.

  7. Joanne, Indeed it has! Thank you very much 🙂 I can’t take all the credit. Robin has helped more than I can say! I really hope it is a success!

  8. OK…it’s official. I’m in!! I posted my list.

  9. Well, I justify it by always reading more than I am supposed to… 🙂 You and Carl say we can start early, so, I start early! ha ha

  10. Hi guys! I want to join and posted here:


    I’m having problems making my list though since Dewey’s site is down.

  11. I am currently reading another book for another challenge, but my first Dewey book is next I think! Great (and bittersweet as you say) that the challenge has finally begun 🙂
    Happy Reading all.

  12. Just realized that I link to another of my blogs (in Danish, about Ancient Egypt). Sorry about that. I have changed the link for this post.

  13. I love this idea. That you for offering it.

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  15. J

    I posted my list, here: http://jellyjules.com/?p=1363

    Thanks for hosting this. Dewey and her family have been much in my thoughts recently, and I had been thinking it would be nice to have some sort of reading challenge in her honor. Thank you for putting this together.

  16. Is there a list somewhere of the books we can choose from? I can’t find mention of anything about it in this post. Thank you, I do have a post about the challenge ready but don’t know which books I can choose.

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