Mini-Challenge #2


Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit, either.  ~Elizabeth Zimmerman

Now that the holiday season is over, it’s time for new projects!  Help celebrate Dewey’s love of books AND of knitting!  This is a mini-challenge for those of us that are honoring her memory by reading the books she talked about on her blog,  and who also share her love of knitting!   How about dedicating at least one of your 2009 knitting (or other handwork!) projects to Dewey’s memory?  Perhaps you would like to knit or crochet some things for a local charity?  Or if you’ve never learned to knit, maybe it’s time to learn!  (Come on, Chris!)  

  • Leave a comment on this post to sign up for Dewey’s Knit-A-Long by the end of January, and I will randomly pick one of your names and send you a free scarf pattern, some beautiful NORO yarn, and some bamboo knitting needles for the project.  
  •  Post about your projects on your own blog as you finish them, (or post updates on your progress!), include photos, and then leave a comment on this post each time. I will update this blog throughout the next few months with links to your project updates, with reviews of knitting books, and with interesting and helpful knitting information.
  • Please put one of the Knit-A-Long buttons on your sidebar with a link to this post for easy access.
  • A drawing will also be held at the end of February, March, and April for more prizes:  patterns, yarn (I have some Malabrigo for you sock knitters!), and knitting books! 
  • You don’t have to finish your project in that time.  Just post about what you have on the needles and about your progress!  But please keep us updated!
  • If you prefer another type of handwork other than knitting…we welcome you, too!  Please just make a note of that when you sign up here so that if your name is chosen for a prize, I can adjust it to your preferred handwork materials!

deweys_scarf1Dewey would be the first one to encourage you to start a new knitting project, or to learn to knit, if you’ve never done it before! She was a new knitter, herself, who found many helpful knitting friends through the posts on her blog. (I’m not sure these links still work, but try clicking here and here to read what Dewey wrote about her knitting projects and to read her reviews of knitting books.)

 So join us for Dewey’s Knit-A-Long and enjoy your knitting as well as your reading for the Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge!

Happy Knitting!

Robin  (A Fondness For Reading)










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94 responses to “Mini-Challenge #2

  1. Happy to join this in memory of Dewey. I don’t knit but I’m aiming to get my embroidery needles out and do a serviette. (Got plenty of material so don’t worry about prizes – just draw the following name out if I win, thanks.)

  2. This is such a great challenge idea! I’m still perfecting my knitting (I’m much better – and faster – at crochet), but I’d love to do a project or two in honor of Dewey. 🙂

  3. That sounds lovely, Scriptor Senex! I look forward to seeing your project as you get going on it.

  4. Jupiter

    This is such a perfect challenge to honor Dewey. I would love to join!

  5. Definitely count me in!! I love this challenge.

  6. Thanks for joining us, Jessi! Crocheted projects would be very nice! Actually, any kind of handwork would be very nice!

    Thanks, Jupiter. I’m glad you signed up!

    You’re IN, Lizzie! Thanks for joining!

  7. I’m thinking about it Robin! This would definitely be an adventure for me, lol.

  8. Ali

    I’m definitely in, what a lovely idea! I haven’t knit anything in a while but I’m wanting to get back to it so this is the encouragement I need.

  9. Adventures are good, Chris!!

    I’m so glad you’re joining us, Ali! I just started back in knitting after a lot of years away from it, I thought I was too busy! It’s such a pleasure now.

  10. I think this is a fabulous dedication. I was thinking about learning to knit since I don’t know how. My grandmother knits so I’ll just wait for her to teach me. However, I am a cross stitcher and I have a few unfinished projects and a new one that I can finish in Dewey’s memory! I have plenty of supplies so don’t worry about the prize here. Just pick the next name =) I can’t wait, now that i have newfound motivation.
    PS You go Chris!!!

  11. igi

    Definitely count me in.

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  13. I’m thinking of knitting a scarf… let me go through my goodies and get back with you!

  14. Perfect!!! I am totally in.

  15. Thanks, Kristina! I think it would be lovely to have your grandmother teach you to knit. And the cross stitching would be great, too. I’m glad you are joining us!

    Oh good, Igi! I’m glad you’ve signed up!

    Sheri, a scarf would be great! I’m working on one right now and thoroughly enjoying myself.

    Welcome, Becca!

  16. I’m seriously considering learning too. I’m just not sure how, since I don’t have anyone who could teach me. And I worry that books wouldn’t quite work because I’m bad at visualizing a set of written instructions…I need to see how it’s done. So I’d either need a book with a lot of detailed pictures of each step or maybe a video. I should look on youtube or something 😛

    Anyway, I really think this is a fantastic idea!

  17. I can’t knit. I have tried. I do crochet though! I just bought some sock yarn and want to attempt some crochet socks. I think I will do that.

    Great idea.

    Nymeth- Youtube has great instruction videos. Do a search.

  18. Nymeth, it can be challenging to learn to knit from a book, but here’s a link to a GREAT web site with lots of videos that will help a lot!

    Chris, crocheting socks sounds great! I’d like to try that although it’s been quite awhile since I did any crocheting. The yarns available these days for socks are beautiful!

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  20. Please sign me up! Thanks you very much for offering this challenge.

  21. Please sign me up! And thank you for offering this challenge.

  22. Thanks for the link, Robin!

    I’m pondering what you said over at your blog… Maybe I should gather my courage, go Etsy, and donate the earnings to RIF or something?

  23. I’m glad you’re joining us, Monique!

    Nymeth, I think that sounds like a wonderful idea! I love your bookmarks (still looking forward to the mail each day!).

    Hi Lynda, I’m delighted that you are joining us! We’d be very interested in learning more about the Dulaan Project and the K9 Knitters Dog charity!

  24. Page

    Nice giveaway! Just found your blog and it’s great! izazbz at yahoo dot com

  25. Ashley

    I would love to honor Dewey’s memory! I don’t knit but I love to crochet. I just started a scarf in fact that would be perfect for this challenge!

  26. Knitting and reading and blogging?! Yeah, count me in!

  27. I plan to do as many scarves, hats, afghan squares as possible to donate to the homeless. I also plan to do some pet blankets for shelter cats and dogs.

    I encourage all of those who want to learn. Perhaps you could go to a yarn store and see if you can get help in the process of buying some yarn, needles, and learn the fundamentals.

    Even the simplest beginning project is suffused with beauty.

  28. Thanks, Page!

    I’m glad you’re joining us, Ashley. A Crocheted scarf would be lovely!

    Meryl, I agree: knitting, reading and blogging … what a great combination! I’m glad you’re joining us.

    Welcome, Natalie! “Even the simplest beginning project is suffused with beauty…” That’s lovely. I’m so glad you are joining us.

  29. Eva

    This is so wonderful. I’m already a crocheter, but lately I’ve been wanting to knit so I can make myself some great tops. 🙂 In the second read-a-thon I won one of Dewey’s hand-knitted dishclothes, and it makes me tear up a little thinkig about it. Anyway, I’ve reserved a couple of knitting books at the library, I have a ton of knitting needles that used to belong to my great–grandmother than my grammy gave to me (I’m the only crafty grandkid), so now I’ll just need some yarn. 🙂

  30. Eva, I’m so happy that you’re joining us, especially because of the special connection you have with Dewey’s love of knitting!

    Kristina, your project is beautiful! Thanks for the update showing us your progress. It’s fun to see what you’re working on.

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  32. Ooh, I’m definitely joining this mini-challenge! I just have to decide what I’ll be working on for it. Love it!

  33. count me in! I have been knitting up a storm lately, this is perfect.

    I’ve just posted several things on my personal blog. I’ll post on my book blog.

    my personal blog is:

  34. Kim

    This sounds like great fun! I just learned to knit last summer so I am still a real newbie. I don’t know if I will get anything knit worthy of donating but we will see. I am in!
    (page after page)

  35. I hope it’s okay for me to join in. I’m not in Dewey’s Reading challenge but I would love to participate in this!

    Here is my post:

  36. I have been crocheting since I was 6. I have to wear an Ace glove now on my right hand to give my hand more support since my ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease has made my right hand weak. Please e-mail me when you have a crochet-a-long. Thanks!

    Judy/Intergalactic Bookworm

  37. Welcome to the mini-challenge, Julie P, Word Lily, Bethany, Kim, and Teddy! And Judy, I hope you will join us. We’re doing a lot more than just knitting! Any handwork you prefer is just fine. It’s just a fun way create things and honor Dewey’s memory.

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  39. I didn’t join up for the reading challenge, since my reading has been hard hit with my chemo schedule, but would love to knit something in Dewey’s honor. I will post about this and the project I started last night in a few days.

  40. I haven’t joined Dewey’s Books, but I would like to join in this. I’ll try to come up with a specific project to dedicate to Dewey.

  41. Okay, I’m in! Two of my favorite things in one place – reading and knitting (though not always in that order).

  42. Linda

    I have no website, but would love to write to some of you.

  43. Linda

    How can I e-mail Lynda in Wales?

  44. Linda

    I’d like to e-mail the Holistic Knitter. I do not have a website. I do not know how to blog.
    Linda USA

  45. Hi Stephanie, we’re happy to have you join us for the knit-a-long in honor of Dewey!

    You, too, Lisa! It’s nice to have you join the knit-a-long.

    Welcome, Margay! My favorites, too…reading and knitting, knitting and reading!

    Hi Linda, I just emailed you. We’d love to have you join us…you don’t need to have a blog or a web site. 🙂

  46. Eva

    Here’s my update: I finished the hat. 🙂

  47. Eva, it’s beautiful! I love that color and all the cables. The gloves would be gorgeous, too! Good luck, and keep us posted.

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  49. oh no, in response to this, I have started to crochet again! I’ll have a post up soon about it.

  50. I’ve knit four hats and a pair of toddler socks for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Dewey’ s honor. Photos can be seen on this post on my blog:

  51. MarthaE

    Hello Robin- I just found the bookworm challenge and followed to here! I’m a READER (’bout 20 books listened to or read per month) and not a knitter. I would suggest my reading a book involving knitting but that would be too easy! As hard as it is to take time from my reading — I have an old (from college!) larger needlepoint project I never finished that I could finish or I have a newer smaller needlepoint project I could do. Would either of those qualify? 🙂

  52. Hi Sarah, crochet would be lovely! Enjoy!

    Bookworm, your amigurumi animals are fantastic! I particularly love the bunnies.

    Wow! Monique, you’ve really knitted a lot already! The hats are lovely, but I particularly love those toddler socks. I’m going to have to try making them for my Grandboy!

    Welcome, MarthaE. Needlepoint would be lovely…but reading a book about knitting is a nice idea, too. There are some really good ones out there.

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  54. OK, it’s official – I’ve joined Dewey’s Knit-a-long … let’s hope I have more success than the last time I tried to knit. I’ll be starting with a simple rectangle (the scarf); very appropriate after the foot+ of snow we got yesterday!

    My post about this mini-challenge is here.

  55. Welcome to the mini-challenge, Dawn! I enjoyed reading your post. Good luck with the scarf! Enjoy your knitting!

  56. I’ve been debating about another challenge as I’m such a slooooow knitter. But…. I’m in!

  57. If I can use a project I have already started, I would like to join this challenge. The project is on my blog Bella’s Designs. I have lots of needles but since I am a dedicated knitter so I can always use more! LOL.

  58. Kim

    I have started a new knitting project–a bag. I have written about it here:


  59. Kim

    I have just posted an update on my blog about what I am knitting.


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  61. Count me in!
    My updates will be on my knitting blog…

  62. Kim

    After having fun posting about my latest project I went a head today and posted again, this time sharing some great knitting books I have found at my local library.
    Happy reading, knitting and crafting, everyone!

  63. Monnibo, I’m so glad you’re joining us!

    Chris, thanks for the update on your socks project! You are inspiring me to try knitting socks!

    Welcome to the knit-a-long, Anna!

    Bella Foxx, I’m glad you’re joining us, and, yes, you can certainly continue working on something you’ve already started. I know how long it takes to finish some projects!

    Kim, I love the bag and the yarn you’ve chosen! And thanks for the post on the knitting books.

    Stephanie, the baby blanket is beautiful!

    Mari, welcome to the knit-a-long!

  64. Thanks for the welcome. 🙂

    I am still deciding on a pattern but have posted the yarn I will be using today…

  65. Finished – I decided a complicated backgroubnd would detract from the Blue Tit so I settled for a branch with leaves and berries. Thanks for organising the challenge to commemorate Dewey.
    Embroidered serviette.

  66. Mari, that’s a gorgeous skein of yarn!!

    Sciptor Senex, your Blue Tit turned out beautifully. I love the branch with leaves and berries.

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  68. I’ve posted an update on my project.

    I’m definitely able to laugh at myself and be light-hearted about this!

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  70. Ashley

    I finished my scarf yesterday! Since I don’t have a blog, where should I post a picture of the completed scarf?

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  72. My yarn is all wound up and ready to be knit…
    Check out my post to see how it went. I will post soon about my sock in progress. It is coming along nicely. 🙂

  73. Me again. 🙂
    New post up with progress pic.

  74. I have one sock finished. One to go!

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  76. I finished the Keyhole Scarflette and blogged about it here:

    Erm I don’t remember if I ever posted my progress when I blogged it in March:


    I am all finished with my project for the KAL.

    Thanks for hosting!

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  80. I finished a pair of socks for the KAL. Thanks for letting me take part in the mini-challenge, though I’m not participating in the books challenge.


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  82. Hey, I know I’m waaaaaayyy past this, but will you do this again next year? it looks like it was a ton of fun 😀


  83. Thanks, Haleyknitz. Unfortunately, the Challenge or the mini-challenges won’t be repeated next year…it was a one-year tribute to Dewey and it’s coming to an end soon. However, Dewey would have loved to know that people were reading, knitting, and creating in her honor, so dedicate a project to her memory and enjoy it for her.
    Best wishes,

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