Great News!

Hey everyone!! I have some really good news! Dewey’s site is back up again! Robin just emailed me a little while ago to tell me the good news. So head on over there if you haven’t been able to make a list of books yet! 

Not so good news…The review blog for the challenge seems to have done away with the Mr. Linky that I had set up and all of the links :/ I don’t know what happened, and I’m really sorry if you had a link up there and it’s gone. I think what I’m going to do is just do a post for each month (I’ll go set up January’s now) and you can just leave a comment in that month’s post with a link to each of your reviews. This is VERY important to do if you’re in this challenge, because I’ll do random giveaways throughout the challenge and you’ll get one entry for each link that you leave! So don’t forget to leave links to your reviews!!! 

A couple of reminders: 

1. If you haven’t signed up for Robin’s Dewey Knit-a-long, please do!! You don’t have to be a knitter. Also, don’t forget that this Saturday and Sunday is Carl’s Sci-fi related Out of this World mini chalenge. 

2. If you’re still wanting to host a mini-challenge, we can always use more! I have every month filled up right now, but it would be fun to have even more than one a month! 

That’s all for now! Let me know if you have any questions!



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3 responses to “Great News!

  1. It’s so wonderful to see Dewey’s site again…thanks for the update!

    Mr Linky disappeared from the Weekly Geeks site for awhile, too. His site was down…so that may have had something to do with your issue, too.

  2. Hiya just wondering if you might have a small space for another mini challenge. I’m running The Year of Readers this year where readers raise money for charities that promote literacy and education. I’d love to link it up with Reading Dewey’s Books through a mini challenge that results in these kind of charities benefiting.

    I thought a great idea for a mini challenge would be to have people give away books and by doing so win the chance to get more books! For every book one of your challenge participants gives away to a book charity or library they get one entry into a draw for a big mystery package full of books. I thought the mini challenge could run for two weeks in the middle of the year as people might be thinking about clearing out by then. Any books taken to the post office in that time (on the honor system as always) would count.

    If you’re interested let me know at bakerjodie at googlemail dot com .

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