A New Mini-Challenge and A Giveaway!

First up, let’s talk about the new mini-challenge! The mini-challenge for the month of February is going to be hosted by Vasilly at 1330V!!! Click on the link to go to her site. Starting in February, she will have a post up about the challenge and this is a post that you’ll want to bookmark along with the Review Site. This challenge is extremely easy, fun, and will encourage you to get those Dewey’s Books Challenge books read. The challenge is simply to read your books during the month of February (at least one of them) After you’ve reviewed your book, go leave a link at Vasilly’s website on the post for the mini challenge. I’ll update this post when she puts her post up. For each book you read, you’re entered into a drawing to win more books! Vasilly is going to give away 8 books in all during the month of February! There will be two winners each week for the month of February, so make sure to get your links up on her site to be eligible.

I’m also doing my first random/surprise giveaway for the challenge! Remember that each link that you post to the Mr. Linky on the review site gets you one entry into these random giveaways. The first random giveaway may be offensive to some, and I apologize if it is :p If you’re offended by this and you win, just let me know and I’ll get you something else. But I hope you like this! For Dewey’s last 24 hour reading challenge, I bought a t-shirt that became my official 24-hour readathon tshirt. And now I’d like to give one of you one of them too. Here’s the shirt:


I apologize for the filthy language, lol..but come on..it’s awesome! Remember, all you have to do to win it is post a link to your reviews. For each review posted on the challenge review website, you have one drawing in the hat! Good luck everyone! I’ll pick a name on February 3rd! (That’s just a totally random date :p) Oh, by the way, it’s an American Apparel shirt if that helps in figuring out your size. And just for good measure, here’s me modeling it during the last read-a-thon:




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14 responses to “A New Mini-Challenge and A Giveaway!

  1. Ha! That’s a great t-shirt – definitely appeals to my big inner wacky t-shirt nerd!

  2. It’s a great shirt, Chris!! I’d better get busy and finish my Dewey-book!

  3. Megan and Robin, Glad y’all like the shirt! Good luck in winning it 🙂

  4. That’s a great shirt! I went over to the review site to check and make sure that my reviews were still there and discovered that the book I am reading right now is a Dewey-book! I totally forgot because it was not on my initial list because I got it from the library…

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  6. I LOVE the T-shirt!! And the picture of you is great!! Of course, I’m feeling rather offended that I’m not listed in the blogroll……but bygones!!

  7. Kailana, Awesome…you have tons of entries already!

    Stephanie, Oh my god! How the hell did I forget to put you on the blogroll, lol. I’m going to fix that grave error right now! Sorry!

  8. hahaha…I love the fact that you’re giving one of those shirts away 😀

  9. That shirt is awesome!

  10. Oh my! Such a great shirt! Totally makes me smile. 🙂

  11. That shirt absolutely rocks! So I guess I better get off my butt and write some of my reviews up *grumble* I’m enjoying this beginning of the year slacking.

    Great modeling pic btw, I think now you’re gonna have to take a pic doing a Vanna White style pose for everyone 🙂

  12. I have one already!it’s awesome.

  13. Chris, that is simply the perfect prize!

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