Knit-A-Long Giveaway!

deweyskalmedJanuary has been a busy month for our Dewey’s Knit-A-Long!  We have many people who have signed up, and many projects “on the needles” or already completed.  Others are in the planning stages of their projects, or have purchased beautiful yarn but haven’t started on their project yet.  So there’s lots to look forward to in the coming months of this Knit-A-Long-that-isn’t-just-for-knitters! 

So it’s time for the first Give Away drawing!  Using, the January winner is:

Becca (Stitches by the Sea)

Congratulations, Becca!  if you will please send your address to me at robinsblog at gmail dot com, I will send you the January prize package!

Thanks to everyone participating in this celebration of Dewey! I am inspired by your creativity and compassion!  Take a look at some of the beautiful January projects in her memory:

Projects in Memory of Dewey...

Projects in Memory of Dewey...



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10 responses to “Knit-A-Long Giveaway!

  1. Jupiter

    All such wonderful things 🙂

    I keep forgetting to but the knit-a-long button on my side bar. Shoot….

  2. I can’t believe that the first month of the challenge (or the year for that matter) is gone already! Those are some beautiful creations! And the best part is knowing that all of those were made in honor of Dewey 🙂 What a fantastic mini-challenge, Robin.

  3. Very cool everyone! I especially love the little one in the hat–she looks like she’s having too much fun!

  4. Thanks, Jupiter! Don’t worry about the sidebar button. Just enjoy your project and keep us updated!

    Thanks, Chris. And there’ll be more projects to show in the next update!

    Thanks, Meryl. I’m so impressed with the creativity and beauty of these projects. They’re all from the heart!

  5. Congrats, Becca! I’m impressed with all the projects, thanks for taking the time to put them all in this one post, Robin.

  6. Some great projects here.
    I’ve knitted two hats for Dulaan so far and I’m knitting a scarf at the moment.
    Pictures on my knitting blog here:
    and post on my book blog here:

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