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Knit-A-Long Giveaway #2

deweyskalmed1It’s the end of February and time for another update on Dewey’s Knit-a-Long, and time for the random drawing for the February Giveaway!  Everyone has been busy knitting or crocheting, and there are some wonderful projects that have been completed this month.  Here’s a list and photos of some of the lovely projects created in Dewey’s honor, with links to the posts.

Ashley (no blog)  A lovely crocheted scarf

Julie P.  (Booking Mama) A potato chip scarf and felted bags

Lynda (Holistic Knitter’s Blog)  2 hats for Dulaan Project

Naida (The Bookworm)  A beautiful shawl

Meryl (My Bit Of Earth)  Knitted dishcloths

Kim (Page After Page)  A knitted bag using Noro yarn

Chris (Book-a-Rama)  Crocheted socks

Mari (Mari Knits)  Embossed knitted socks

Robin (A Fondness For Reading)  A scarf for a friend


Chris from Book-a-Rama!  Chris, please send your address to me (Robin) at robinsblog at gmail dot com, and I’ll send you the February prize of some lovely yarn and a pattern.  Congratulations!

And don’t forget to check out Nymeth’s mini-challenge, which runs for the month of March, and also check out Jill’s new March mini-challenge!



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March Mini Challenge #2

Hey guys! Have you gone to Nymeth’s site to sign up for her mini-challenge yet? If not, then head on over! Jill at Fizzy Thoughts will be hosting the second mini challenge for the month and it should be tons of fun! Go to her site and sign up as soon as she has the post up! Should be in the next couple of days. Here are the details:

The most important list of all

During the last Read-A-Thon, I hosted a mini challenge that involved lists.  And last year, I posted my review of  Thirteen Reasons Why in the form of a list.  Both posts turned out to be surprisingly popular, leading me to this highly scientific conclusion:

People like lists.

Therefore, this mini-challenge is all about lists.  Write a review (of one of your challenge books) in the form of a list.  Or list interesting facts about one of your challenge authors.  Or…think outside the box and come up with some other type of list that somehow relates to the Dewey’s Books Challenge.

And that’s it…simple, no?  Just remember to leave the link to your post with Mr. Linky (on Jill’s site).

On April 1st (no, I’m not joking) I’ll draw a winner from all of the entries.  The winner will receive a (signed!) copy of the book that inspired this challenge:  Thirteen Reasons Why.


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Introducing the Try Something New Mini Challenge!

The first of 2 March mini challenges is being hosted by Nymeth! The second one will be announced on March 1st! You can read Nymeth’s original post here. Please go to her blog to sign up for the mini challenge by filling in the Mr. Linky. I’ll cross post her mini challenge below:

As part of the Dewey’s Books Challenge, hosted by Chris and Robin in Dewey’s memory, I bring you the Try Something New Mini-Challenge. Here’s how it works:

During the month of March, you’ll be asked to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. It can be something Dewey-inspired, like a comic aka graphic novel, a YA novel, a book on feminism, etc. But it can be something else too: poetry, a short story collection, manga, non-fiction, a cookbook, a book on knitting or other crafts, a book on social issues, a play, a horror book, fantasy, sci-fi, a collection of fairy tales or a fairy tale retold…you decide. It’s not mandatory that you have never ever read a book of the kind you pick before…all I’m asking is that you pick something that is still mostly new territory for you.

To make things more fun, the Mini-Challenge is going to work in pairs:you sign up using the Mr Linky at the bottom of this post. If you’re an even number, you’ll be paired with the person before you; if you’re an odd number, with the person after you , like we sometimes did forWeekly Geeks. Then you and your partner will get in touch by e-mail and talk about what type of book you’re thinking of reading. If your partner happens to be an expert in something that is new territory for you, then maybe they could offer some recommendations. If you’re both thinking of picking the same type of book, maybe you could read it together.

(If we end up with an odd number of participants, I’ll take the last person to sign up as my second partner.)

What you do exactly is up to you and your partner, but there’s a third step necessary for completing the mini-challenge: when you’re done reading your chosen book, you and your partner should collaborate on a wrap-up post. It could be a co-review of the book or books you read. Or it could be interviewing each other about the books you read, about the whole experience, about something else entirely. When you’re done with that, you’ll have completed the mini-challenge.

The Prizes: There will be several giveaways. Some will be open to those who sign up, others only to those who complete the three steps of the mini-challenge. By signing up on the Mr. Linky below, you’ll be entered to win a Calvin & Hobbes collection or a set of two of my homemade boomarks.

Those who complete the mini-challenge will be entered to win a copy ofPaper Towns by John Green, a $10 Eco-Libris gift card, and yet more sets of homemade bookmarks.


To recap:
1) Sign up and get in touch with your partner
2) Read one book
3) Collaborate on a post

The mini-challenge will run for the month of March, and it’s open to everyone, so you can participate even if you’re not doing the Dewey’s Books Challenge. Happy reading!


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Winner of the Dali Calendar!

Hey guys, remember that Nymeth was giving away a copy of the Dali 2009 Calendar? Well, we have a winner! The winner is Sarah at Behold, the Thing that Reads for her review of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn! Congrats Sarah!!! Head on over to Nymeth’s blog to contact her about getting it shipped out to you. Remember that there will be a bunch more giveaways throughout the challenge. I have 2 in particular that I’ve found that I’m excited about 😉 I’ll announce the next one soon. All you have to do to be eligible is to leave a link to your review in the review blog! One entry per link! Also, don’t forget that Vasilly is giving away books this month for every book you review that pertains to the challenge!! Leave links on her site too. Thanks!

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Tshirt Winner and a New Prize!

I’ve done the second random drawing of the challenge, this one for this awesome tshirt from The winner, chosen by is Joanne the Book Zombie for her review of The Westing Game! Congrats Joanne!! I think I have your address, but would you mind sending it to me again anyway just in case :p I tend to lose things. You can send it to chrisa511(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll order the shirt and then get it right out to you! 

If you didn’t win, please don’t stop putting up your reviews on the review site! There will be plenty of other random giveaway drawings. In fact, lets have another one now! Nymeth at Things Mean A Lot was kind enough to donate a 2009 Dali Calendar! Yes it’s February, but there are still plenty of months to use it! All you have to do to be eligible to win is post a review on the review site. For each review you’ve posted, you get one entry. I’ll draw the winner for this one on February 15th and then Nymeth will send it out to the winner. 


Don’t forget to enter your reviews at Vasilly’s site as well during the month of February as she’s hosting the February mini-challenge. Click here for more details on that. Coming up in March, we have at least 2 different mini-challenges. One is hosted by Jill at Fizzy Thoughts and the other will be hosted by Nymeth at Things Mean A Lot. I won’t go into details on them yet, but Jill’s will involve numbers and for Nymeth’s you should start thinking about something to read that’s brand new to you genre-wise or subject-wise! How’s that for a teaser? Both are promised to be lots of fun. There may just be another announcement coming up from Carl V. too. 

That’s all for now! Enjoy your reading as we continue to celebrate Dewey’s passion for community building and of course, books.


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February Mini-Challenge #1

This post is cross-posted on Vasilly’s blog: 1330V.

small-leaves2There’s not much about Dewey that I can say that has not been said already. Dewey, with her eclectic taste in books, was the ultimate book blogger. Almost daily on her site there was a new post: a discussion about an article or book, a meme, or a funny video to watch. Dewey wrote about books who subjects range from politics to feminism. She read graphic novels and award-winning books, young adult reads and poetry. Reading The Hidden Side of a Leaf left the reader with an even larger TBR pile then before you clicked on to her site.

Just the other day I visited her site for a quick couple of books to read for her challenge and left with pages of book titles. Her posts were honest, funny, and made writing look so easy.

Dewey embodied the spirit of blogging and helped bring our community closer together. She started Weekly’s Geeks, the 24-Hour Read-a-thon, and the Bookworms Carnival. She always had something nice to say, encouraging comments that helped many of us continue blogging.

Dewey wasn’t one to hoard books. (Unlike myself.) Usually when she finished reading a book, if it didn’t belong to someone or she wasn’t going to read it again, she held a giveaway. The frequency of her giveaways amazed me. She was so generous and winning a book from her made my day several times.

In the spirit of Dewey’s generosity I’ve decided to give away eight books throughout the month of February. Two books every weekend starting on the 7th. To be eligible read a book that Dewey reviewed. After reading it and writing a post, leave a link at the challenge’s review site and on my mini-challenge posts. Remember to let me know your first and second preferences. Every Saturday I will use to pick the two winners and every Sunday I will let you know the winners and the next two books.

This week’s books are:

smith-kerieHow to Be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith. You can read my review here. It’s a pretty good book for journal writers, about how to find more ways to be present in your life and at the same time give you ideas to fill your journal up with. This book is a paperback that’s been read only once.

bloomAway by Amy Bloom. To be honest I haven’t had the time to read this epic story but everywhere I’ve looked there has not been a bad or mediocre review to be found. I know many bloggers have read this book and loved it. So I would rather give this book to a blogger who can give it a chance then let it sit any longer on my bookshelves. Away is a hardcover that’s gently used.

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