March Mini Challenge #2

Hey guys! Have you gone to Nymeth’s site to sign up for her mini-challenge yet? If not, then head on over! Jill at Fizzy Thoughts will be hosting the second mini challenge for the month and it should be tons of fun! Go to her site and sign up as soon as she has the post up! Should be in the next couple of days. Here are the details:

The most important list of all

During the last Read-A-Thon, I hosted a mini challenge that involved lists.  And last year, I posted my review of  Thirteen Reasons Why in the form of a list.  Both posts turned out to be surprisingly popular, leading me to this highly scientific conclusion:

People like lists.

Therefore, this mini-challenge is all about lists.  Write a review (of one of your challenge books) in the form of a list.  Or list interesting facts about one of your challenge authors.  Or…think outside the box and come up with some other type of list that somehow relates to the Dewey’s Books Challenge.

And that’s it…simple, no?  Just remember to leave the link to your post with Mr. Linky (on Jill’s site).

On April 1st (no, I’m not joking) I’ll draw a winner from all of the entries.  The winner will receive a (signed!) copy of the book that inspired this challenge:  Thirteen Reasons Why.



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