Time For A Random Giveaway!!

Hey everyone 🙂 Hope everyone is having fun with the challenge so far! I figured it was time to do another random giveaway, so here’s what’s up for grabs this time. I’ll pick one random review from the review site to win the following. Please make sure you’re adding your reviews over there on the website as that’s how you’re entered for all of these random drawings! The more reviews you have, the more chances you have…and of course they have to be books that Dewey read 🙂 Anyway, this time, you can win this beautiful book mark/book thong from Etsy:


10 trees planted in your name through EcoLibris! You’ll also receive 10 EcoLibris stickers that you can proudly display on your books 🙂


I’ll draw a winner on May 11th because that’s my birthday and why should I have all of the fun :p

Stay tuned!! There’s a great new mini-challenge coming in May hosted by the oh so fabulous and oh so misnamed blog that belongs to Debi of Nothing of Importance! Really, her blog should be named “full of awesomeness and bound to make you smile”.



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3 responses to “Time For A Random Giveaway!!

  1. That bookmark is so gorgeous!!!!

    And you know you made me blush, don’t you? Of course, you also know you’re horribly misleading people there.

  2. Aw, Debi, he isn’t misleading anyone! I totally agree!

    I should maybe review some Dewey books since I have read like three of them recently… I should also check and see if I have posted all the ones I have done on the review site. One more thing to add to the list! I should also actually make a list so I don’t forget all the things I keep saying are on it! lol

  3. hahaha…I wholeheartedly approve the new name for Debi’s blog 😀

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