Announcing Debi’s Mini-Challenge!

Debi from Nothing of Importance (wrong, wrong, wrong) is hosting May’s Mini-Challenge for the month of May and it’s a fun one! Here are all of the details:A Mini-Challenge for May

I don’t know about you, but I was literally addicted to Dewey’s blog. (Yeah, I’m pretty darn sure I wasn’t alone in this addiction either!) And some of my favorite posts were her Book Coveting posts. And there were her Reading Journal posts, I really loved those. Oh, and her monthly wrap-ups. And yes, of course, her book reviews. Okay, so I guess pretty much everything she had to say…

But for this mini-challenge, I thought maybe we could focus on Book Coveting. And seriously, this challenge really shouldn’t be much of a challenge at all! Because all you have to do is write a Book Coveting post of your own…and I know you all have books you’re coveting! So just write your post anytime during the month of May, and then come back here and add your post to the comments.

And the randomly drawn winner will receive a subscription to Bookmarks. Seems fitting, huh?

Just a quick note from me, Chris. You’re link to your post should go in the comments of THIS post on THIS blog. Not on Debi’s blog. Thanks everyone and have fun!! If you haven’t checked out the latest giveaway yet, read the post below this one. I’ll be drawing the winner on my bday, May 11th.



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22 responses to “Announcing Debi’s Mini-Challenge!

  1. I’ve made my mini challenge post.

  2. I love this idea!! Dewey’s book coveting posts were among my favourites too. You can count me in for sure!

  3. Infact I have been writing a Sunday book coveting post from March 2009.

    Archives of Sunday Book Coveting

    I retrieved all those posts and posted those on my new blog.

    I will doing a fresh post and link it here. Thanks!

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  5. Here’s my post:

    This was a great idea. I have a feeling many of us will be doing this from now on.

  6. My post has gone screwy due to graphics jumping around but it’ still about coveting books:

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  8. This is my first time joining in. I really loved this challenge. My post is here.

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