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Time for the June Mini-Challenge

The lovely Kailana at The Written World is hosting June’s mini-challenge and it’s one that I think Dewey would absolutely love!! Remember her idea of having others ask her questions about the books that she read and she would review the books in the form of answers? Well here you go…a mini-challenge all about that!

Howdy folks! It is my turn for the Dewey reading challenge. This will be combined with the Once Upon a Time III challenge, I think! Carl said yes, but we didn’t work out the details back then and now he is having computer issues. If he changed his mind, I will change this post accordingly when the time comes! (But for now, I am just going to assume he still says yes!)

The object is to list books that are:

a) Are Dewey books that you have not reviewed yet.

b) Are OUaT books that you have not reviewed yet.

c) Any book that you have not had a chance to review.

d) If you are very on-top of things, you can list books that you have read recently (even if you have reviewed them already)

These lists have to be posted by the 20th of June. (Yes, I am aware that the Once Upon a Time Challenge ends on that day, but it is the only way to give enough time!)

When you have made up your lists, leave either a comment on this post or on the Dewey Reading Challenge blog. I think I will probably coordinate with Chris so that all the lists are linked in a post for easy accessibility!

Once the lists are up, the object is for people to read your post and ask questions about the books listed. You do not have to answer all the questions, but you do have to link to everyone that asks you a question. This is for prize options, so please do! It will make it so much easier for me!

You have until the first week of July to post reviews answering the questions. You can do one and answer everything, or you can do several. It is entirely up to you!

You will be entered for a prize for:
1) Posting a list of books to be questioned on
2) Asking a question. Hopefully in reviews people can thank ALL the question-askers, not just the ones that you answer…. This would be very helpful!
3) Posting a review answering the questions

Dewey did these interview posts all the time and I always thought they were a lot of fun! They assure that your reviews address what your readers really want to learn about instead of just what you want to talk about. Plus, Dewey was all about community-building, so that’s why it is a combination of the two challenges.

Any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section of this post!

Oh, right! The prize! I have no idea! I think there will probably be a first and second prize and they will be tailored to the winners. I like surprises (well, sometimes) and I thought that this was a fitting time for one.



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I Swear I had Nothing To Do With This

From Debi:

Time to reveal the winner of the Book Coveting Mini-Challenge. But before I do, can I ask you all a quick question? Did this mini-challenge have you adding as many new books to your wish list as it did me?!! Yikes! I’m really not sure this was such a great idea after all. 😉

Okay, our winner is…

None other than our fearless host: Chris!!!

Congratulations, Chris! Hope you enjoy!


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